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A leading institution in Emergency Management Programmes, Disaster Management programmes, Short medical courses and Leadership & management programmes.

Our Journey

The Kenya Red Cross Training Institute began in 2010. Our main objective Is to fortify pre-hospital care – a fundamental piece of the continuum of emergency health care. The Institute is registered under the Ministry of Education under Vocational Education Training Authority

The Institute trains both Academic and professional short term programmes in 6 broad areas

  • Paramedic & EMT programmes - Academic
  • Occupational Health and Safety Courses
  • Pre- Hospital Courses
  • Short Medical Courses
  • Fire Safety; Medical
  • Professional Development courses among many more
  • Paramedic & EMT programmes - Academic

Our long term goal is to enhance professionalism, quality control and standardization.

It has been a journey of growth characterized by immense trust and partnerships both locally and internationally.

To date, the Emergency Medical Technician course has graduated 452 students with the majority if not all being absorbed into the mainstream agencies of Health, the hospitals, NGOs, Health departments at national and county levels. Such knowledge and skills will definitely catalyse the transformation of health emergencies management.

The other Continuous Development programmes graduate over 6000 students annually.

Our programmes are applicable to a broad spectrum of local, regional and international health workers; including nurses, doctors, public health personnel, laboratory technicians and social scientists.

From our lenses, we envisage increased professional growth in pre-hospital services for both ambulance services and Emergency Medical Services. This is vital especially with the emerging dynamic pattern of increased disaster and accident rates in Africa, subsequently creating a new matrix of challenges that require re-designing of responsive models of emergency care. In the process, we must incorporate and empower communities to make health emergency decisions.

The Institute responds to the need of the industry by continuous provision of demand driven courses to generate a critical mass of well-trained persons aligned to industry.

Kenya Red Cross Training Institute prides in competency based training for the medical personnel to bridge the gap in Health Systems in the African continent.


To nurture competent professionals through experiential quality training, research, and innovation.


To be a global leader in training on Pre-Hospital Care and Emergency Medical Services.


The Kenya Red Cross Training Institute will be guided by the principles of diversity and inclusiveness in providing quality education for lasting change in individuals and society.

Core Values

  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • innovation
  • Accountability
  • Inclusivity
  • Collaboration

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